Alexandra Alden

Alexandra Alden (24) is a Maltese musician who is currently based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where she obtained a degree in Jazz music at the CODARTS Conservatory in July 2018.
She began writing lyrics and poetry from a young age and recalls first falling in love with singing as a child while living in Tutzing, Germany. She remembers shyly singing along to songs on the radio or home-stereo, improvising over the melody lines and inventing her own lyrics instead. She had found something preciously personal in this past-time.
Her feeling for poetry and melody developed from this young age while a deep desire to perform began creeping up on her. Alden finally picked up the acoustic guitar to put her ideas to music in her teenage year and found her way onto the stage to perform her own songs.

Her curiousity and her need to ‘compress all that is important into its simplest form’ continues to be the driving force behind Alden’s intricate and heartfelt storytelling,
Some have described her music as ‘minimalistic folk’ with the sentiments of Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell, inspired by the warmth and sunshine of the Mediterranean with the distant undercurrents of a British heritage.

Her first EP ‘The Curious Child’, recorded at the age of 16, resulted in two number one hit singles in Malta and her debut full-length album ‘Wild Honey’ is now available on VINYL, having been released in Rotterdam and Malta in March 2018 with further release scheduled in Scandinavia, US and Canada for autumn 2018.

Alexandra was asked to be one of four judges on the first ever season of the international TV program the ‘X Factor’ in Malta from October 2018 to January 2019.