Moon Zebras

Moon Zebras

It all started with a night of drinking Guinness in a local bar and what started out as a cover set of rock- and some rocky blues-songs would later on grow out to be Moon Zebras: the blues-rock and fusion band from Eersel (NL) inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Weather Report, Billy Cobham, Frank Zappa, Cream, and many many others, playing whatever comes to mind.

Then about the band:

Alex played guitar as a professional in Scotland for about a decade, Snappin’ Turtles might be his most familiar band, that’s right: the loudest band of Dundee!

Wim is the drummer of the bunch and is one of the founding members of Sequoyah / SQY Rocking Team and simply one of the best rock drummers around. 

Paul played with I am Oak, the Opening of Misty Beethoven, the Mississippi Delta Brothers, and is currently also playing in Sequoyah / SQY Rocking Team.

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